Web3 is full of scams, and as part of our transparency and security part, here’s some testimonials from our latest winners!
M #LyveFinance
I need to thank @nftpowerup for being one of the most legit team out there, not only hard working, but honest as well. I have received the promised prize from a major giveaway back in July 2022. Thank you again so much ! 🙏 Definitely worth joining their vision 🚀
1:28 AM · Apr 11, 2023
13 March 2023
zaoin.eth (💙,🧡)
thanks verry much @fouaditani 🙏 didn't think I could win. very very happy. you change my day to be so happy 🥰❤🙏
6:32 PM · Mar 23, 2023
𝔗𝔯𝔞𝔠𝔢 𝔬𝔉 𝔏𝔦𝔬𝔫🦁Girl with a frog 🐍😈
Thank you @fouaditani & @aymanitani for this Book Game #nft I'm thrilled to finally have one of Gary's Accets . Have a great weekend))
11:56 PM · Feb 25, 2023
Thank you very much @fouaditani for this amazing NFT I got a free nft worth of 0.5 ETH from their giveaway!!! 🤑❤️‍🔥
5:06 PM · Mar 19, 2023
Boy Adid
I have Received 250 USDT from @fouaditani @aymanitani @nftpowerup Thank you so much for amazing space
9:12 PM · Apr 13, 2023
Karl Gallagher 🎟️
Received my prize from the giveaway at the NFT Power Up twitter space earlier thank you sir @fouaditani and @nftpowerup team for this opportunity and special mention to boss @ApoNiEstong_ thank you thank you guys
8:36 PM · Apr 13, 2023
🍞 MaxLiquidity.eth ❓⬛
Thank you @fouaditani @aymanitani 🫶🏽 I won $500 just by attending their space and listening for some knowledge about web3. They're building @nftpowerup that you won't want to miss out on. Follow them, vibe and expand your knowledge in this space!
9:44 PM · Mar 30, 2023
Very awesome space, thank you so much for the giveaway, I am very happy with this giveaway. @fouaditani Thank you Very much ❤️🙏
9:36 PM · Mar 30, 2023
Shoutout to @fouaditani & @nftpowerup for these $pepe coins..very happy to win..thank u so much..check them out and don't forget to follow my friends.. $Pepe #legitpeople
8:54 PM · May 11, 2023
Thank you so much 😊 NFT Power up is my favorite Twitter space because i love how this platform give us knowledge as well as the involvement of the audience by also sharing their knowledge and opinion @nftpowerup @fouaditani
10:24 PM · Apr 27, 2023
Thank you for the giveaway on today's space @nftpowerup @fouaditani @aymanitani you guys are so generous ❤️✌️
7:36 PM · May 4, 2023
It was an educative space today, welcoming @DeGodsNFt family hosted by @nftpowerup and @fouaditani and, thanks so much for the giveaway; I appreciate 💯. Guys don't miss out on their next space on 1st June, 2023.
10:24 PM · May 25, 2023
Sasa - FiQi
OMG.. Thank you so much for the surprise sir @fouaditani ❤ thank you for hosting this wonderful event. Today is my happy day. you have made my day so amazing. Hopefully in the future will be more advanced and successful. always support you ❤ let's keep growing love ❤
11:03 PM · May 25, 2023
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