What is NFT PowerUp?
NFT PowerUp is a Compete-to-Win platform where users engage in thrilling & mind-bending knowledge games to win valuable blue-chip NFTs & prizes.
How does NFT PowerUp work?
NFT PowerUp hosts multiple Campaigns that allow users compete in fast-paced rounds trying to beat the clock (& their competition) to get the best score possible and rank up on the leaderboard. The highest ranked user(s) of each Campaign win(s) their rewards!
What are PowerUp Originals?
PowerUp Originals make up our main NFT collection of 5,555 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.
What are the benefits for holding “PowerUp Originals”?
Holders of PowerUp Originals:
■ Get exclusive access to highly Prize Campaigns that are otherwise non-accessible by non-holders.
■ Benefit from a discount on the purchase price of PowerUp Junior NFTs (PowerUp Junior NFTs are the NFT tickets that you purchase to enter the Prize Campaign)
■ Get access to limited edition NFT airdrops
■ Are part of the voting for future prize draws
How do I get whitelisted?
Users can get whitelisted by engaging with the community on Discord and by entering WL spot giveaways. Join our discord for more details.
When is the launch date?
Join our Discord to stay updated on our upcoming dates.
How much to Mint an NFT PowerUp?
All details for the Whitelist and Public sale prices will be announced on Discord, so stay tuned!
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